It’s the Slight Edge of the Right Strategic Planning and Execution Rhythm that Creates Success in a Recovering Economy!

By guest blogger – Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D.

We are 30 days into the New Year and several months into a recovering economy.  It is a good time to assess and evaluate our situation.  

It seems that that recovering economy has taken hold and a double dip recession is extremely unlikely.  Also, the typical excitement and enthusiasm about the New Year has waned so we can now better understand the brutal facts of what is needed for success in this recovering economy.

As I work with my on-going clients and interact with new prospects and leads, I see one glaring difference.  My clients have a SLIGHT EDGE over these prospects and leads I run into these days – they are working the right strategic planning and execution rhythm that creates success and momentum in a recovering economy!

This slight edge comes from well thought out 90-day plans that align with a well thought out strategic direction.  They also have a pulsing energy around priorities and dialogues that give them a 10% to 25% edge in creating and capitalizing on opportunities.

This aligns with what Jeff Olson said about planning in his book, The Slight Edge:

“You have to start with a plan, but the plan you start with will not be the plan that gets you there…And that the reason you need a plan: if you have no plan, there will be no jumping off.  In fact, if you put too much energy into the plan, and make it too perfect, you’re more likely to squelch all the life, spontaneity, intuition, and joy out of the doing of it.”

I still see many companies and executives waiting for the right time to create this advantage.  They don’t have a good process for creating their quarterly “plans to start” and they don’t have a strong dynamic for facilitating spontaneity, intuition, and joy in executing those plans.

These companies and executives are costing themselves a 10% to 25% edge in creating and capitalizing on opportunities each month in this recovering economy.  That makes a real difference over the course of the year!

Think about it!

If you had another 10% to 25% edge in creating and capitalizing on opportunities each month and thus were able to generate real results on just 25% of those opportunities during the course of the year, could that be the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE in this recovering economy?  In other words, would three BIG wins (whatever they turn out to be) make a difference in your success this year?

© Copyright 2011 Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D.

Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D. is a Gazelles Certified Business Coach who specializes in helping companies and executives thrive.  To learn more about him, please visit his website at or contact Jon at (877)342-4267 or


About Don James, CPA/PFS, CFP
Don is the Tax & Financial Planning partner with Kiplinger & Co., CPAs headquartered in sunny Cleveland, Ohio since 1982. He partners with business owners and families and specializes in goal achievement solutions, tax minimization strategies and serves in the role of gatekeeper of sound financial advice.

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